David Sills: Why Reaching the “Unreached” is the Wrong Goal

“When did Jesus get saved? Before his resurrection, or after?”

This is the type of question Dr. David Sills, author, SBTS professor, and President of Reaching and Teaching International Ministries, hears from tragically untrained and under-discipled national pastors across the world. But as many churches and agencies are pulling missionaries around of “reached” places like Latin America and parts of Africa, in the name of focusing on those who have little-to-no gospel witness, the result has been that these national pastors are getting less and less of the solid theological training they need. In this episode, Dr. Sills shares why it’s essential to train leaders for the long haul, and why aiming solely at “unreached” people groups with less than 2% evangelicals is the wrong goal.

Then, towards the tail end of the episode, we take a detour to talk about what exactly it means to be “called” to missions. We guarantee this episode will be paradigm-shifting for some of our listeners. We encourage everyone to check out Dr. Sills’ ministry, and follow him on Twitter.

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