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At The Missions Podcast, powered by ABWE, we’re devoted to lighting the path for global missions through insightful conversations, stories of transformation, and deep dives into the heart of the gospel. We’re seeking like-minded partners who share our vision for sound, biblical ministry.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Mission Alignment: We share your ministry鈥檚 heartbeat鈥攄edicated to transforming lives through theological education, intentional discipleship, and a steadfast commitment to biblical authority.
  • Expansive Reach: Since our inception in 2017, The Missions Podcast has grown a significant audience base, with over 300,000 downloads and counting. Our content resonates deeply, reflected in a recent 2023 summer surge to nearly 30,000 downloads in one month鈥攁 testament to our engaging, enduring content.
  • Engaged Audience: Our listeners are not passive; they’re action-oriented, with dozens having stepped forward to serve with ABWE. With a majority US listenership, our platform aligns perfectly with your outreach objectives, presenting an ideal audience for mission-minded institutions and organizations.

Flexible Sponsorship Options for Ministry Partners

We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your message and budget. That’s why we offer a variety of sponsorship options to ensure your message is heard by our engaged audience:

  • Baked-In and Pre-Recorded Options: Choose between live reads by our hosts for a personal touch or pre-recorded spots for precision and consistency.
  • Before, During, and After Show Placements: Tailor your exposure by selecting the ideal placement for your message, whether it’s catching listeners’ attention right at the start, maintaining engagement mid-episode, or leaving a lasting impression as they conclude.
  • Competitive Rates for Ministry Partnerships: We offer special pricing to ensure our partnership is both impactful and accessible. Let’s work together to find a package that suits your needs and budget.

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We’re more than a podcast; we’re a movement. Together, let’s get your ministry’s message out.