Apologetics, Evangelism, and Revival in Norway: Nahum O’Brien and Edvard Moe Explain

When most people think of Norway, they think of gorgeous fjords, bitter cold, and secularism—not a revival of interest in apologetics or biblical doctrine. Is this Scandinavian nation simply circling the drain of postmodernism, or is God doing something new? We ask that question to Nahum O’Brien, ABWE missionary to Norway, along with his national partner and local church elder Edvard Moe.

Nahum and Arin O’Brien plan to partner with national pastors Asbjørn Berland and Martin Hjellvik of Kilden Menighet, to cultivate a church planting movement in Norway beginning in Stavanger. Their ministry plan is to focus on evangelism, discipleship, and theological education. Support Nahum’s ministry.

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