Evangelism, Media, and Saving the Unborn With Jon Speed

This week, we delve into the crucial intersection of missions, evangelism, and the pro-life movement with Jon Speed, pastor of missions and evangelism at By the Word Baptist Church in Azle, Texas. Jon brings a unique perspective on why the fight for the unborn is not just a political issue but a gospel imperative for believers across the nation. We explore the current state of the national pro-life movement, the vital ministry outside abortion clinics, and the seamless integration of evangelism with deeds of mercy. Later, Jon challenges the notion that media and entertainment are mere distractions, urging Christians to engage these domains as mission fields. This conversation is a clarion call for believers to embody the gospel in every area of life, including the public square and the realm of culture and media.

Jon Speed is not only a pastor but also an entrepreneur, author, and filmmaker with a heart for the unborn. His 2019 stand against abortion catapulted him onto national platforms such as Fox News, highlighting his commitment to life ministry outside abortion mills. Jon’s book, Evangelism in the New Testament (2009), and his involvement in the films Babies Are Murdered Here (2014) and Babies Are Still Murdered Here (2019), showcase his dedication to proclaiming truth and life. As a founding partner of Loor.tv, a Christian streaming service, Jon continues to influence the culture for Christ.

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