Serving Christ in Suffering: Jenn DeKryger on Togo and the Loss of Todd DeKryger

In 2016, Todd DeKryger, surgeon and medical missionary to Togo in West Africa, died in Cologne, Germany, where he had been evacuated to receive treatment for illness contracted in Africa. His wife, Jennifer, was by his side—and he left behind four young boys. In the time since, God has used grief, brokenness, and suffering to teach Jennifer the valuable lesson on absolute dependence upon Christ—so much that she is returning again to minister in Togo with her boys, and continuing to trust the Lord more each day. In this powerful story, Jennifer shares her story of loss and growth in Christ.

Learn more about what God is doing through ABWE workers in the Islamic north of Togo on ABWE’s website or the official website of Hospital of Hope. You can also reach Jen at

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