Voddie Baucham on Education, Mission, and Christian Culture-Building

In this dynamic episode of The Missions Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Voddie Baucham to explore the intersection of education, mission, and Christian culture-building. Dr. Baucham, a respected figure in pastoral work and theological education, currently shaping minds at the African Christian University in Zambia, brings his unique perspective to the table. The discussionContinue reading “Voddie Baucham on Education, Mission, and Christian Culture-Building”

Voddie: Missionaries Aren’t All ‘Green Berets’

Is missions only for the elite few? Or is there more to being a part of the mission of God, even from the pew? It’s one of the many topics coming up in this Sunday’s conversation with Dr. Voddie Baucham. Believe in our mission? Support the show at missionspodcast.com/support. The Missions Podcast is a ministry resourceContinue reading “Voddie: Missionaries Aren’t All ‘Green Berets’”