Christmas Episode: Can Missions Be ‘Incarnational’?

Merry Christmas from the Missions Podcast! To celebrate the holiday, we’re honing in on the incarnation of Christ and asking: what do Christian leaders mean when they talk about “incarnational” ministry? Can the incarnation actually be imitated, or does referring to our ministry as incarnational cheapen the uniqueness of Christ’s birth? This week, Scott andContinue reading “Christmas Episode: Can Missions Be ‘Incarnational’?”

Bonus Episode: The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulder

The holidays are a time of quaint familiarity, but let’s be honest. We wax philosophical about the royal gifts the magi later bring the Christ-child, but we treat “King” mainly as an honorific title. We think, after all, this Boy grows up to be a controversial Jewish Rabbi, an inspiring religious figure, not a Caesar.Continue reading “Bonus Episode: The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulder”