Online Education and Global Theological Famine

One year into the pandemic, it looks like the future of education is, in many respects, virtual. What does that mean for theological and biblical training for the 85% of evangelical pastors worldwide who lack any formal education? Al Cuthbert and Rob Hayden of Horizon Education Network join the show this week to explain howContinue reading “Online Education and Global Theological Famine”

Has COVID-19 Halted Global Missions? Paul Davis Answers

With global travel restrictions and months-long shutdowns in place, what is happening to world missions? Scott and Alex interviewed ABWE President Paul Davis to answer from his perspective overseeing work in 70 countries. In this episode, Paul shares his new rhythms in life, what missionaries are telling him, what he’d be doing right now ifContinue reading “Has COVID-19 Halted Global Missions? Paul Davis Answers”

What Does COVID-19 Mean for Medical Missions?

Healthcare missionaries across the globe are acutely feeling the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic—even in countries where there are few reported cases. And in developing nations where subsistence living is common, “shelter in place” isn’t feasible. What does coronavirus mean for medical missions? Joining Scott and Alex this week to answer is Jodi Boyd, ABWEContinue reading “What Does COVID-19 Mean for Medical Missions?”

Coronavirus and Plague: Lessons From Church History With Glenn Sunshine

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging churches to be more bold, evangelistic, and loving towards our neighbors than we’ve ever needed to be. But this isn’t the first time in church history that Christians have faced the challenge of a plague. In this episode, our friend Glenn Sunshine returns to share a history of pandemics, theContinue reading “Coronavirus and Plague: Lessons From Church History With Glenn Sunshine”

Serve in Place: Missions in a Pandemic

Global travel restrictions are in place. Hordes of healthy people throughout the U.S. and abroad can’t even get to their local church service in-person—much less to the mission field. Should we temporarily shift our focus away from global missions during the current crisis? Scott Dunford and Alex Kocman explore this complex question in this exclusiveContinue reading “Serve in Place: Missions in a Pandemic”

Special Episode: How Does Coronavirus Affect Missions?

Note: With the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, some of the information in this podcast may now be outdated. For the latest on ABWE’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, see here. For the latest medical facts and figures, please refer to the U.S. CDC or WHO.​ With global health and economic implications, how should Christian missionaries throughout Asia and beyond respondContinue reading “Special Episode: How Does Coronavirus Affect Missions?”