Voddie Baucham on Education, Mission, and Christian Culture-Building

In this dynamic episode of The Missions Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Voddie Baucham to explore the intersection of education, mission, and Christian culture-building. Dr. Baucham, a respected figure in pastoral work and theological education, currently shaping minds at the African Christian University in Zambia, brings his unique perspective to the table. The discussionContinue reading “Voddie Baucham on Education, Mission, and Christian Culture-Building”

Strategic Retreat? Scott and Alex on Blue States and the Joel Webbon Controversy

Should Christians in the US leave blue states? In this engaging episode, Alex and Scott tackle the topic of strategic retreat, a concept gaining controversy following Joel Webbon’s comments and his recent book, Fight or Flight: Leaving Godless Places. They dive into the complex issues around mission fields, Christian responsibilities, and the balance between Christ’sContinue reading “Strategic Retreat? Scott and Alex on Blue States and the Joel Webbon Controversy”

China and the Future of Missions

In this episode of The Missions Podcast, tensions between the United States and China take center stage as Scott and Alex delve into the geopolitical rivalry’s impact on Christian workers in both countries with a world-class expert. With de-globalization and changing trends on the horizon, they explore the challenges missionaries face and offer strategies forContinue reading “China and the Future of Missions”

Afghanistan, Islam, and Missions: Matt Bennett Joins

What’s happening in Afghanistan isn’t just political—it’s spiritual. This week, Matt Bennett of Cedarville University examines the crisis from a missionary perspective. Dr. Matthew Bennett joined the faculty at Cedarville University in fall 2017 after serving and living in North Africa and the Middle East since 2011. Most recently he wrote 40 Questions About Islam. Hear our previewContinue reading “Afghanistan, Islam, and Missions: Matt Bennett Joins”

Christian Nationalism, Patriotism, and Globalism

Recent political events and rallies have Christians asking: what is nationalism? Is it the same as patriotism? These questions are vitally important to the missionary. Can a missionary truly love his home country that he’s leaving—and if so, how? What does Scripture say about love of country—or countries, for that matter? And what about globalism?Continue reading “Christian Nationalism, Patriotism, and Globalism”

Sheriff Chris Swanson on Faith, Justice, and Missions

Click here to watch the video version of this episode. Sheriff Chris Swanson in Genesee County near Flint, Michigan, went viral two weeks ago when he took off his helmet and riot gear, approached the crowd of demonstrators gathered in response to the killing of George Floyd, and reached out in love to build aContinue reading “Sheriff Chris Swanson on Faith, Justice, and Missions”

What Is Happening to China’s Uyghurs?

“Absolutely no mercy.” That’s how leaked documents describe the treatment of China’s Uyghur Muslims detained in “re-education” camps, according to the New York Times. In recent years, China has detained more than one million members of the ethnic minority concentrated in Xinjiang. What is really happening, and what should Christians do about it? This week,Continue reading “What Is Happening to China’s Uyghurs?”

Bonus Episode: The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulder

The holidays are a time of quaint familiarity, but let’s be honest. We wax philosophical about the royal gifts the magi later bring the Christ-child, but we treat “King” mainly as an honorific title. We think, after all, this Boy grows up to be a controversial Jewish Rabbi, an inspiring religious figure, not a Caesar.Continue reading “Bonus Episode: The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulder”

Special Episode: What Do the Hong Kong Protests Have to Do With Missions?

Between 1-2 million people have been taking to the streets in Hong Kong—even singing Christian hymns—in peaceful protest over a new extradition law representing China’s continued aim to tighten its fist and squelch political and religious liberties in the semi-autonomous region. What can believers learn from this complex situation? In this special episode, Alex KocmanContinue reading “Special Episode: What Do the Hong Kong Protests Have to Do With Missions?”