#RMC21: The Cost and Prize of Long-Term Missions

We’re live at the Radius Missiology Conference in Minneapolis! In this midweek exclusive, Scott and Alex debrief Brooks Buser’s powerful plenary talk on the value of long-term missions. Watch the conference live as it unfolds. Purchase a discounted viewing pass for only $10 at missionspodcast.com/radius. Watch the video version of this episode: bit.ly/3gV0Gpa. Want toContinue reading “#RMC21: The Cost and Prize of Long-Term Missions”

Heresy and Contextualization: Tim Bertolet on Galatians

We don’t normally think of Galatians as a “missions book.” Paul is confronting heretics, defending doctrine, and getting really, really detailed about circumcision. Yet according to Tim Bertolet, Ph.D., Galatians is all about God’s mission to the world. It exposes how we idolize contextualization, shows the healthy way to bring the gospel into new contexts,Continue reading “Heresy and Contextualization: Tim Bertolet on Galatians”