Multiethnic or Homogeneous? A Discussion on Church Planting

Should church planters target a specific people group (the homogeneous unit principle) or begin a multiethnic congregation from day one? The answer isn’t always simple. This week, BJ, a church planter working with diaspora Muslim peoples, weighs in as Scott and Alex have an honest conversation. Learn more about EveryEthne. Love the show? Want toContinue reading “Multiethnic or Homogeneous? A Discussion on Church Planting”

Church Planting: Multiethnic or Homogeneous Units?

Should churches aim to be multiethnic, or should we stick to the homogenous unit principle inherited from missiologists? In today’s episode, Brian (last name withheld), a former IMB missionary to the Middle East and current missions pastor focusing on diaspora ministries, shares why the answer isn’t as simple as it seems—and how globalism is makingContinue reading “Church Planting: Multiethnic or Homogeneous Units?”