#RMC21: Jim Jordan on Church-Based International Theological Training

We’re live at the Radius Missiology Conference in Minneapolis! How can we train indigenous church leaders abroad without pulling them into the US, from which they never return? In this midweek exclusive, Jim Jordan of Training Leaders International explains. Watch the conference live as it unfolds. Purchase a discounted viewing pass for only $10 at missionspodcast.com/radius.Continue reading “#RMC21: Jim Jordan on Church-Based International Theological Training”

How Technology Is Transforming Missions

According to statistics, more than 4.6 billion people on the planet now have internet access—and many of them live among unreached people groups. How does that reshape the way we approach missions? And how can now-commonplace tools like Zoom help Christians in the West invest in fellow believers in hard-to-reach places? Andrew C., executive director for Live Global, sharesContinue reading “How Technology Is Transforming Missions”