The Resurrection and Mission With Dr. Tim Bertolet

What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ mean for global missions? In this thought-provoking podcast, Tim Bertolet (Ph.D., University of Pretoria), initiatives strategist with ABWE, dives deep into the importance of the resurrection and its relationship with redemption, evangelism, and our future hope. With insightful analysis of key verses from 1 Corinthians, Romans, and Acts,Continue reading “The Resurrection and Mission With Dr. Tim Bertolet”

Christmas Episode: Can Missions Be ā€˜Incarnationalā€™?

Merry Christmas from the Missions Podcast! To celebrate the holiday, weā€™re honing in on the incarnation of Christ and asking: what do Christian leaders mean when they talk about ā€œincarnationalā€ ministry? Can the incarnation actually be imitated, or does referring to our ministry as incarnational cheapen the uniqueness of Christā€™s birth? This week, Scott andContinue reading “Christmas Episode: Can Missions Be ā€˜Incarnationalā€™?”

The Kingdom of God and the Authority of the Great Commission

We speak so much of the ā€œkingdom of Godā€ā€”but what does that mean, and how does Jesusā€™ present reign in heaven impact our mission? These questions are often neglected, misunderstood, or purposefully avoided in American evangelicalism, and thereā€™s lots of confusion about Christā€™s return and the nature of his kingdom. But understanding Jesusā€™ present authorityContinue reading “The Kingdom of God and the Authority of the Great Commission”