Suffering, Eschatology, and the Glorious Reward in Missions

Why does God give us a glimpse of the future? How can we prepare for suffering in missions? This week, hear a special presentation from Alex Kocman to members of Westminster Theological Seminary’s Global Missions Fellowship on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, taken from Alex’s upcoming book with Chad Vegas on integrating doctrine and practice. Support thisContinue reading “Suffering, Eschatology, and the Glorious Reward in Missions”

#RMC21: The Cost and Prize of Long-Term Missions

We’re live at the Radius Missiology Conference in Minneapolis! In this midweek exclusive, Scott and Alex debrief Brooks Buser’s powerful plenary talk on the value of long-term missions. Watch the conference live as it unfolds. Purchase a discounted viewing pass for only $10 at Watch the video version of this episode: Want toContinue reading “#RMC21: The Cost and Prize of Long-Term Missions”

Reforming Short-Term Missions: Chip Lamca Explains

Short-term missions needs to change. Missions trips shouldn’t be a means to an end—they should be mission. This week, former missionary and professor Chip Lamca unpacks his recent dissertation work and explains how to reform the uniquely modern phenomenon of short-term missions. We also tackle guidance for college students, what “reverse short-term missions” trips are,Continue reading “Reforming Short-Term Missions: Chip Lamca Explains”

Longevity and Endurance in Church Planting: Bob Trout Shares

In our impatient, have-it-now society, it’s difficult to think long-term about serving in one field of ministry for decades—much less healthy church planting and multiplication over the long haul. In this episode, ABWE veteran Bob Trout shares the blessings of and keys to longevity and endurance in a field where he saw over 40 ColombianContinue reading “Longevity and Endurance in Church Planting: Bob Trout Shares”