How to Care for Parents of Missionaries

It’s easy to underestimate the sacrifice parents make when their children and grandchildren are sent to the nations. But to hold the rope well for cross-cultural missionaries also means caring for the parents and grandparents mourning the loss of relationship with their sent ones. In this special episode, Alex and Scott sit down with DanContinue reading “How to Care for Parents of Missionaries”

How to Hold the Rope: Ryan Martin on Caring for Missionaries

Sending missionaries is only half the battle. If churches don’t continue to care for missionaries, both the missionary and the church will fail in ministry. In this episode, Ryan Martin shares critical insights from his new book Holding the Rope: How the Local Church Can Care for Its Sent Ones. Ryan serves as director ofContinue reading “How to Hold the Rope: Ryan Martin on Caring for Missionaries”

The Case for Missionary Care With Ryan Martin

Everyone’s talking about “care”—self-care, healthcare, pastoral care, and the list goes on. What’s the biblical case for churches to care for missionaries on the field, and how can we do it well? Ryan Martin answers. Read Ryan’s articles on the topic: “Missionary Care Begins with the Local Church: A Look at 3 John 5-8” “PartnershipContinue reading “The Case for Missionary Care With Ryan Martin”

The Number One Reason Missionaries Go Home

Globally, 71% of missionaries who return home each year leave the field for preventable reasons. What might be the biggest factor? We believe it all comes down to team dynamics. What is it about cross-cultural ministry that is so uniquely stressful for teams? How can missionaries better handle conflict? And what does the Bible say about resolvingContinue reading “The Number One Reason Missionaries Go Home”

How Can We Prevent Missionary Burnout?

Ministry burnout is real. On the mission field, the pressures are vastly multiplied. Cultural shock, marital strain, poor team dynamics, and temptation all threaten missionaries’ spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Better, more proactive member care is the answer. But how? Brad Winkler, ABWE’s director leading member care and prefield ministries, joins us to explain.