Is the Commission Still Great? Steve Richardson Answers

There’s no shortage of myths about missions. In this interview, Steve Richardson, president of Pioneers and author of Is the Commission Still Great? 8 Myths about Missions and What They Mean for the Church, dispels common misconceptions about the Great Commission and why it still matters. Steve Richardson has served as president of Pioneers-USA sinceContinue reading “Is the Commission Still Great? Steve Richardson Answers”

T4G22: Why Upstream Sending? Nathan Sloan Shares

Sending missionaries is the local church’s job—so why start a new parachurch missions sending organization? Nathan Sloan, pastor and executive director of the Upstream Sending explains in this exclusive interview recorded at the final Together for the Gospel conference. Nathan has a Doctor of Missiology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Previously, Nathan and hisContinue reading “T4G22: Why Upstream Sending? Nathan Sloan Shares”

Can Parachurch Ministries Serve the Church? Thomas White and Paul Davis Answer

Coming soon, Generation Z will be taking the mantle of the Great Commission. Are they ready? And what role can Christian colleges and missions agencies play in mobilizing them? Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville University, and Paul Davis, president of ABWE, join to discuss in this episode recorded on the campus of Cedarville. PreferContinue reading “Can Parachurch Ministries Serve the Church? Thomas White and Paul Davis Answer”

Your Questions (Finally) Answered: Mailbag Episode

Is it biblical for a missionary to change sending churches or agencies? Is there a right or wrong way to do it? How often should pastors visit their missionaries? Is it worth it to start a family on the field? Is missions easier or harder as a single? We’ve been soliciting your questions and feedbackContinue reading “Your Questions (Finally) Answered: Mailbag Episode”

Porn: the Killer of Missions—With Benjamin Vrbicek

In our culture, sexual temptation is hitting the church like a tidal wave, and those serving overseas as missionaries are far from immune. Porn is a fatal undercurrent that Satan uses to eliminate gospel workers sniper-style and cripple missions efforts, and overseas workers separated from accountability and friends are particularly vulnerable. What factors drive aContinue reading “Porn: the Killer of Missions—With Benjamin Vrbicek”

How Can We Prevent Missionary Burnout?

Ministry burnout is real. On the mission field, the pressures are vastly multiplied. Cultural shock, marital strain, poor team dynamics, and temptation all threaten missionaries’ spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Better, more proactive member care is the answer. But how? Brad Winkler, ABWE’s director leading member care and prefield ministries, joins us to explain.