Apologetics in a Chaotic World

How should believers defend their faith in an increasingly hostile culture? And which apologetic methodology is most faithful to the spirit of Scripture? Join Alex Kocman as he explores the controversial topic of apologetics in a supposedly post-Christian context, exploring the Christian’s marching orders in 1 Peter 3:15 and evaluating classical, evidentialist, and presuppositional apologeticsContinue reading “Apologetics in a Chaotic World”

Thor Madsen: Why Missionaries Need to Know Philosophy

With all the lost and unreached people in the world, slowing down to think about philosophy may seem like a waste of time. This week, Thor Madsen of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary explains how understanding philosophy from a Christian worldview perspective can be game-changing for the missionary serving on the field afar or at home.Continue reading “Thor Madsen: Why Missionaries Need to Know Philosophy”

Presuppositional Apologetics in Missions: Vern Poythress Explains

How should missionaries argue for the Christian faith? If human beings are dead in sin, then they need more than evidence—they need to realize that even their refusal to believe is an act of rebellion and a sin for which Jesus died. To argue this way is to argue using presuppositional apologetics, but how toContinue reading “Presuppositional Apologetics in Missions: Vern Poythress Explains”