T4G22: Women and Singles in Missions? Lisa LaGeorge’s Take

Why do so many women and singles pursue missions—and what does it mean for biblical manhood and womanhood? Dr. Lisa LaGeorge, director of CHF Academy at Children’s Hunger Fund in Sylmar, CA, returns to the show to talk about her experiences as a complementarian woman on mission. You can watch the video version of this episode on theContinue reading “T4G22: Women and Singles in Missions? Lisa LaGeorge’s Take”

Lisa LaGeorge on Women’s Roles and Short-Term Missions

In 20 years of leading missions efforts and teaching students, Lisa LaGeorge has seen it all. This week, she shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of short-term missions trips with high school and college students. In the second half, we explore the role of women and singles on church-planting teams and why everyContinue reading “Lisa LaGeorge on Women’s Roles and Short-Term Missions”

Christopher Yuan on Holy Sexuality and the Gospel

The current flood of issues relating to sexuality isn’t just a challenge for pastors in the West, but for missionaries abroad—especially those serving in Asia, where gender fluidity has been accepted into the cultural assumptions of certain countries for some time. How can Christians approach the issues of homosexuality, transgenderism, and more with gospel-centered, missionaryContinue reading “Christopher Yuan on Holy Sexuality and the Gospel”

Your Questions (Finally) Answered: Mailbag Episode

Is it biblical for a missionary to change sending churches or agencies? Is there a right or wrong way to do it? How often should pastors visit their missionaries? Is it worth it to start a family on the field? Is missions easier or harder as a single? We’ve been soliciting your questions and feedbackContinue reading “Your Questions (Finally) Answered: Mailbag Episode”