What Is Fusion? Erik Odegard Answers – #FTC22

The Fusion program at Spurgeon College and Midwestern Seminary trains students for the mission field in ways a normal classroom can’t. Does it work? Erik Odegard, Fusion director, answers. Watch the video version of this episode here. Mr. Erik Odegard serves Spurgeon College as assistant professor of Intercultural Studies. He is a two-time graduate of Midwestern Seminary,Continue reading “What Is Fusion? Erik Odegard Answers – #FTC22”

What Motivates Gen Z Towards Missions?

The generation now coming of age is fraught with anxiety and feeling isolated. What will it take for missionaries and church leaders to motivate Generation Z towards cross-cultural missions? We explore this fascinating question with Dr. Jolene Erlacher, author, speaker, consultant, leadership coach, and teacher. Dr. Jolene Erlacher founded Leading Tomorrow in 2014 with the aim of equippingContinue reading “What Motivates Gen Z Towards Missions?”

Suffering, Eschatology, and the Glorious Reward in Missions

Why does God give us a glimpse of the future? How can we prepare for suffering in missions? This week, hear a special presentation from Alex Kocman to members of Westminster Theological Seminary’s Global Missions Fellowship on 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, taken from Alex’s upcoming book with Chad Vegas on integrating doctrine and practice. Support thisContinue reading “Suffering, Eschatology, and the Glorious Reward in Missions”