Online Education and Global Theological Famine

One year into the pandemic, it looks like the future of education is, in many respects, virtual. What does that mean for theological and biblical training for the 85% of evangelical pastors worldwide who lack any formal education? Al Cuthbert and Rob Hayden of Horizon Education Network join the show this week to explain howContinue reading “Online Education and Global Theological Famine”

Is ‘Marketplace Missions’ Sustainable? Mark Silvers Talks Mobilization

Increasingly, Millennials and young people are redefining “long-term” missions. At the same time, fewer are willing to raise missionary support. Is recruiting marketplace missionaries—many of whom are short-term tentmakers—a sustainable solution? And if so, how do we get the word out to professionals that the Great Commission isn’t just for full-time religious workers? This weekContinue reading “Is ‘Marketplace Missions’ Sustainable? Mark Silvers Talks Mobilization”

Longevity and Endurance in Church Planting: Bob Trout Shares

In our impatient, have-it-now society, it’s difficult to think long-term about serving in one field of ministry for decades—much less healthy church planting and multiplication over the long haul. In this episode, ABWE veteran Bob Trout shares the blessings of and keys to longevity and endurance in a field where he saw over 40 ColombianContinue reading “Longevity and Endurance in Church Planting: Bob Trout Shares”

Why Aren’t We Talking About ‘Gospel Privilege’? Chad Vegas Answers

The social justice controversy echoing across conservative evangelicalism has brought terms like “privilege” into the Christian vernacular, but in all the discussion of rights, equity, and cultural engagement, we’ve missed a critical category: gospel privilege. Chad Vegas, founding board member of Radius International and lead pastor of Sovereign Grace Church, joins the show this weekContinue reading “Why Aren’t We Talking About ‘Gospel Privilege’? Chad Vegas Answers”

T4G Panel on Theological Training in Missions

There’s a theological famine across the majority world. How can we fix that? Are translated English resources the solution? How can we encourage more theological educators to serve overseas? And why does the chasm between the gospel-centered, big-God theology movement and the missions world seem so large? On April 12th, 2018 at Together for the GospelContinue reading “T4G Panel on Theological Training in Missions”