American Gospel or Biblical Gospel? Sean DeMars on the Danger of Prosperity Preaching

The so-called “prosperity gospel” has infected evangelical religious life. But it doesn’t just appear in the overt claims that God wants us to be rich and healthy—it takes far more insidious forms. Is the American dream antithetical to the missionary calling? What role does suffering play in our mission to the nations? Sean DeMars, former missionary known for his appearance in the American Gospel documentary, weighs in this week.

Sean DeMars is pastor at 6th Avenue Community Church in Decatur, Alabama. He previously served the peoples of Peru by preaching, teaching, and living God’s word.

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One thought on “American Gospel or Biblical Gospel? Sean DeMars on the Danger of Prosperity Preaching

  1. Hi Pastor Sean . I have read your articles on the prosperity gospel. I agree with most of what you said. But I prayed after reading it and felt led by the Holy Spirit to text you. He led me to see many other verses in the Bible Old and New Testament that healing is a gift from God . Their hundreds of verses where God wants us well in our bodies. We are the temple of God if we are His child. Just in the gospels how many times did Jesus heal the sick physically sick people. He is the same today and He has not changed . He desires for us to be made whole. In our spirit soul and bodies and emotionally too.
    He is so merciful and compassionate and loves us so unconditionally that He wants
    us healed and free from sickness which is demonic oppression many times .As we trust in Him and seek Him He heals our bodies and souls and does the impossible. for us. Yes sometimes instantly and others times its a process, There are times when it doesn’t happen until we get to heaven.. He knows the reason for those times. He is all sovereign so of course He knows Best.. But if you research their are over hundreds of scriptures that speak of healing not just spiritual but physical too. Praise His Name.
    I Just want to receive everything that He died for. Please pray and seek God on this subject of healing. This doesn’t at all mean I believe in the prosperity gospel. That is another gospel for sure. I believe He wants us to see and know just how good and loving and kind that He is towards us. What a God we serve. There is no one like Him. In fact some women from my church received prayers for possible cancer . Doctors tested her cause she had all the symptoms of leukemia. Report came back after receiving prayers (no cancer.) when she received prayers that Wednesday night she had a strong feeling of heat going thru her and it lasted when she left church and all night long she experienced The healing of God penetrate her body. .Over the years I have seen many healings and I received. Healing for myself and my family too.All I can say / Amazing God . Amazing Grace. I wanted to share these thoughts with you. Sorry I took so long in doing it.
    God bless you and your family Pastor.
    I truly believe healing is the Children’s Bread. ✝️
    Spirit soul and body

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