Beheading Statues and Engaging the Public Sphere With Ben Zeisloft

What is the limit of free speech in society? What is the limit that Christians should adhere to? In this week’s episode, Alex Kocman sits down with Ben Zeisloft, the editor at The Sentinel, a Christian news outlet, to discuss the legal case of Michael Cassidy, who illegally tore down a Satanic statue at the Iowa state capital in December 2023. Together they discuss the origins and application of the First Amendment, why this statue was even allowed to be displayed, and what the Christian response should be when blatant idolatry is allowed in our nation.

Ben Zeisloft is editor at The Sentinel, a follower of Christ, and active in pro-life activism. You can follow the Sentinel by visiting, following @republicsentinel, or learn more about Ben by following him @benzeisloft.

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