Beyond Winsomeness: Michael Clary on the Church Planting Movement and Contextualization in an Age of Sexual Confusion

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How can the church hold to its foundational truths while effectively engaging in a rapidly shifting cultural landscape? This episode features Michael Clary, a seasoned ministry leader with insights into church planting and cultural engagement. As we delve into topics like the dangers of cultural Marxism within the church and the balance between truth and winsomeness, Clary offers practical wisdom for facing contemporary challenges without compromising the gospel’s essence.

Michael Clary’s ministry journey spans from CRU involvement at the University of Louisville to co-planting a Louisville church, founding Christ the King Church in Cincinnati, and launching King’s Domain in 2023 with Wade Thomas. His work is dedicated to equipping Christians for contemporary challenges, highlighted in his podcast, Currently Reality, and his book, God’s Good Design. For more about Michael Clary, explore his insights and resources at, follow him on X @dmichaelclary, and find his book on Amazon.

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