Cloud of Witnesses Ep. 2: Flying by Faith

Dear listener: our aim is to continue to equip you with exceptional content from the Lord’s global harvest. That’s why, for the next five weeks, every Wednesday, we’re introducing a new crossover show to the main feed: Cloud of Witnesses. Released last year, Cloud of Witnesses is now being made available to the broader community. You can listen to all ten episodes on-demand at, or search for it in your podcast feed. Alternatively, you can continue tuning in every Wednesday for the next five weeks to The Missions Podcast feed to get a taste of this enriching show now.

Also, keep an eye out for Season 2 of Cloud of Witnesses, premiering later this year. We’ll recount the stories of faithful missionaries from the past generation whose zeal, boldness, and perseverance challenge us in our complacency and encourage us to stay faithful.

We hope you enjoy this journey through the lives of those who’ve gone before us, bearing witness to the faithfulness of God.

Original show notes: In this episode of Cloud of Witnesses, we hear from missionary pilot Steve Aholt, and his wife Sandy, who served in Papua New Guinea for 24 years in missionary aviation. Steve and Sandy share incredible stories of seeing God’s faithfulness firsthand while serving the people of Papa New Guinea and opening up about experiencing the devastating loss of their son, who was living in the United States while they were overseas.

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