Depth and Breadth – The State of Christianity in Brazil with Diego Dy Carlos

Because of the rapid spread of Christianity and large percentage of Protestant believers in Brazil, it is often seen as a success story in missions, but at what cost did that happen? Scott Dunford interviews Diego Dy Carlos, a theological scholar, lecturer, and Live Global national partner on the pros and cons of the Christian movement in Brazil. They’ll talk about how Christianity spread in the country, the unique challenges of the Brazilian church, and why proper theology and scholarship is a desperate need.

Dr. Diego Dy Carlos received his Ph.D from London Seminary in the United Kingdom. He works as a theologian, lecturer, and author in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His heart is to see the Brazilian church raise up critically thinking, Biblical scholars that will help train pastors to strengthen and grow a healthy Christian church. Together with his wife, disciple and train believers through social media, writing, and teaching.

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