Doing Honest Missions History With Ed Smither

In this conversation with Ed Smither, we delve into the evangelical tradition of honoring figures like William Carey and Lottie Moon, exploring how we can respect the past without veering into hagiography. Key discussion points include uncovering lesser-known missionaries who inspire, acknowledging the failures of past missions, and learning from historical examples, including Roman Catholic missionary monks. Ed also shares insights from his latest book, Missionary Monks, and the vital lessons modern evangelicals can glean from their legacy.

Ed Smither is professor of intercultural studies and history of global Christianity, and dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University. He served for 14 years in intercultural ministry in France, North Africa, and the U.S. His books include Christian Martyrdom (2020), Christian Mission: A Concise Global History (2019), and Mission in the Early Church (2014).

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