How the Gospel Transforms Cultures: Vishal Mangalwadi on William Carey

You probably haven’t heard of Vishal Mangalwadi, but if anyone deserves to be a household name among Christians, it’s him. Recognized by Christianity Today as India’s top Christian intellect, Vishal is a social reformer, columnist, and philosopher who has written and spoken extensively to show how William Carey’s view of conversion, theology, and missions essentially made modern India what it is.

Vishal’s projects, Revelation Movement and Truth Matters, trace the historic development of the West and its beachheads through missionary activities and show how, at root, the gospel is to be credited for societal progress.

In this interview, we examine the example of William Carey and ask: what did he get right? What did he get wrong? What bearing did Carey’s eschatology have? How can we see the gospel bear fruit in society without downgrading to a “social gospel?” You don’t want to miss what is easily our most enlightening conversation to date.

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