How to Tell Good Missionary Stories—Without Lying

We’ve all sat through missionary presentations in church that were… less than dynamic. But we’ve also seen the dangers of sensationalized stories from across the world that proved untrue and led donors astray. How can missionaries become compelling storytellers, sharing what God is doing worldwide without fudging the truth? This week Scott and Alex talk about how to write compelling missionary updates, newsletter, and presentations with integrity.

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One thought on “How to Tell Good Missionary Stories—Without Lying

  1. A great reminder to not embellish for the sake of telling a good story! Having young / teen children kept us honest too…some statement like “no mom, that’s not how it happened!” And on the flip side one boy would often remind …”don’t forget to tell how you …” which was an encouragement to me, the story teller. I also really appreciated your reminder that telling the story from another perspective – not what I have done but what God is doing and the great “nationals” we got to work along side and tell a story from their perspective, it was always well received in our churches.

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