Is Obedience-Based Discipleship Biblical? Alex and Scott Discuss

What is obedience-based discipleship, and is it biblical? The issue isn’t as simple as it seems. This week, Alex and Scott discuss Alex’s article addressing the topic and explore all the related questions of law, gospel, and salvation by faith alone.

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One thought on “Is Obedience-Based Discipleship Biblical? Alex and Scott Discuss

  1. Interesting discussion–well researched! But, in the Great Commission, Jesus does not say that we are to teach but that we are to teach disciples to obey everything He commanded. So this is what the apostles did and is what we also are to do. This is Lordship and should be taught and modeled by each person saved by the grace of God. I think teaching to fully obey Jesus is super important to remember as we make disciples–He is and must be at the center of it all, which also involves His commands. His death and resurrection and work of the Spirit are to bring us into obedience so that we can live for Him(see 2 Cor 5.15). Obedience is God’s love language–He feels loved when we obey Him, trusting Him (see John 14.21). We’ve got to be careful not to talk around this, because it is obedience that the Savior is after as He saves people through the Gospel, developing His agape-love in them. It involves getting to know the Savior intimately. Doctrine is supposed to be instruction from God’s Word to the believers and should lead to more complete obedience to the Savior. Without obedience, we won’t know Jesus.

    Lordship(discipleship) simply involves faith in and obedience to the Savior. I personally find many in our American culture are repulsed by the word obedience. This may be controversial to some, but if Jesus is not our Lord, then chances are He is not our Savior either. By the way, if we obey Jesus, we will become fishers of men and will find someone God has given us to disciple! (Matt 4.19).

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