Jesus, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union: Duane Early

Around the time that the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine experienced massive spiritual revival. Duane Early, who served there as a missionary, is convinced that’s part of the reason Ukraine is being targeted today.

In this interview, he explains the current situation in Ukraine, miracles that happened during that revival, lessons learned, and missiological takeaways that can be applied anywhere.

To help missionaries meet Ukrainian refugees’ needs and share the gospel to those affected by the war, support the Ukraine Crisis Fund.

Duane Early is ABWE’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. The Lord led Duane into full-time ministry while a student at the University of Michigan. He continued his education and theological training at Summit University in Clarks Summit, PA, and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Duane and his wife, Susan, were involved in two pastoral ministries and one church plant during their first 15 years of marriage. In the 90s, the Lord led them Duane, Sue, and their two daughters to join ABWE in order to open and lead the first team in the country of Ukraine. The team was able to grow both in quantity and quality while developing the Church Ministries Institute, multiply churches, and launch mission endeavors throughout the Russian-speaking world. In 2000, Duane was asked to serve as the Regional Director for Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and in 2009, Duane became Vice President of Global Operations. He began his current role in 2017.

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