Ludwig Krapf: Who He Was and Why You’ve Never Heard of Him

Dive into the transformative legacy of Ludwig Krapf, a figure whose pioneering translation work and partnerships in missions laid foundational stones for the gospel’s spread in East Africa. Krapf’s enduring impact questions how we view mission work today, inviting us to explore the deep roots of faith across continents. His story is not just a historical footnote—it’s a call to understand the significance of cultural and linguistic bridges in spreading the gospel.

Aaron Dunlop’s life journey intertwines with the spiritual legacy of figures like Krapf. Growing up in Northern Ireland and enriched by diverse academic and pastoral experiences from Bible College in his homeland to Applied Linguistics at Trinity Western University and theology at Geneva Reformed Seminary, Aaron’s path led him from pastoral roles in Jamaica and British Columbia to teaching in Kenya. Now, as the founder of The Krapf Project and back in Northern Ireland, Aaron, alongside his wife Grace and their five children, continues to embody the mission’s spirit, fostering a culture of reading and theological education in East Africa. Discover more about Aaron’s work and The Krapf Project’s vision at and

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