Medieval Missions Explored: Boniface, Patrick, and More With Glenn Sunshine

Part one of our engaging conversation with Dr. Glenn Sunshine takes us into the heart of medieval missions, focusing on influential figures like Saint Boniface and Saint Patrick. Dr. Sunshine, with his deep knowledge of European history, paints a vivid picture of the missionary landscape during the early medieval period. This episode delves into the strategies, theological perspectives, and historical contexts that defined this era, contrasting them with later missionary movements. Discover the rich heritage and the often-overlooked depth of medieval missions, and understand the misconceptions surrounding these pivotal moments in Christian history.

Dr. Glenn Sunshine, the founder and president of Every Square Inch Ministries, is a retired professor of European history from Central Connecticut State University. As a Ministry Associate at Reflections Ministries, and a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Dr. Sunshine is widely recognized for his expertise in integrating Christian faith with historical insights. He is an author of notable books, including the recent 32 Christians Who Changed Their World, and a cohost of The Theology Pugcast. His work spans continents, reflecting his commitment to a global Christian perspective​.

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