Mega Episode: Honor, Shame, and the Gospel With Chris Flanders

More and more missiologists are tired of talking about the gospel only in terms of guilt and innocence. This growing school of thought claims these concepts are “Western.” Writers like Roland Muller, Jayson Georges, and Jackson Wu say that honor and shame—not guilt and innocence—hold the keys to evangelism in Majority World cultures. Are they right? Does an honor-shame reading of Scripture undermine penal, substitutionary atonement? This week, we welcome Chris Flanders, co-editor of Honor, Shame, and the Gospel with Werner Mischke, to the hot seat to share his perspective.

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Christopher Flanders (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is associate professor of missions at Abilene Christian University. He served as a missionary in Thailand for eleven years. His current research focuses on face and honor-shame issues. Christopher is the author of About Face: Rethinking Face for 21st Century Missions. He is also assistant editor for Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis.

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