MEGA Episode: What Is a Nation? Vishal Mangalwadi on the Great Commission

Defining the word “nation” is crucial, and not just in missions—in culture and even politics, too. How does Scripture define “nation,” and what does it mean for the Great Commission? Indian philosopher and Christian activist Vishal Mangalwadi returns to the show to explore this multifaceted issue.

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3 thoughts on “MEGA Episode: What Is a Nation? Vishal Mangalwadi on the Great Commission

  1. Although Vishal’s depth of knowledge meant that this discussion really would have benefited from more time. Perhaps an extended discussion over time that is then edited to become 2 or 3 episodes. I think the people group concept as it is understood does indeed need much critique. A lot of evangelical missiology approach the concept as if it is an inspired framework rather that a human tool that some have found useful in the past. Great show.

  2. A wonderfully thought provoking guest; thanks for having him on your podcast. One thing that I found most interesting is the fact that, though Mr. Mangalwadi focuses on language, or words, as the basis for understanding the notion of nation–that words (written or spoken) establish the basis for governance of groups of peoples (my synopsis)–he never mentions the “word” of God. As regards such, Adam and Eve would be a nation and, at that, a nation that eventually was brought to rebellion. Such is the story of nations; either they rise up against each other as nations or those within a nation seek to establish their own. Which, as I write, brings to mind the one who brought Adam and Eve to rebellion, that being Satan, the devil. To that end the healing of the nations, spoken of by your guest, rings true. Though we see many nations in the physical realm, there stands only two in the spiritual realm; many in the physical realm are currently held captive by the kingdom of this world, a kingdom of darkness. May we send or be sent, envoys of the kingdom of light, for the healing of the nations help captive in the kingdom of this present world, a kingdom of darkness claiming to be light.

    1. By the way, the healing of the nations, in terms of biblical chronology, necessarily must be understood as a theologically preterist eschatology, which, I might add, I doubt your guest espouses though I could be wrong. See further: Rev. 20:1ff to the end. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss or hear discussion on a preterist perspective in relation to mission; I.e., how to share the gospel with people and letting them know all (or mostly all) of scriptures are fulfilled–viz. already happened. Thanks again.

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