More Modern Lessons From Medieval Missions With Glenn Sunshine

In part two of our insightful discussion with Dr. Glenn Sunshine, we shift our focus to the present, exploring the practical lessons that today’s evangelicals can learn from medieval missionary endeavors. Dr. Sunshine, drawing from his extensive study of Christian history, highlights how the methodologies and theological understandings of early missionaries like Saints Boniface and Patrick can inform and inspire current global missions. This episode offers a unique perspective on engaging diverse cultures and contexts, emphasizing the timeless relevance and impact of medieval missions in contemporary evangelism.

Dr. Glenn Sunshine, a respected historian and Christian thinker, is the president of Every Square Inch Ministries and a retired professor from Central Connecticut State University. His work with Reflections Ministries and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview has made significant contributions to understanding the Christian worldview. He is the author of several books, including 32 Christians Who Changed Their World, and a cohost on The Theology Pugcast. Dr. Sunshine’s global teaching and speaking roles underscore his commitment to applying historical wisdom to modern Christian life​.

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