Partnering on Mission: Why Church Associationalism Matters With Dr. James Renihan

Modern people are fiercely independent. In America, our churches tightly hold on to their freedom. What biblical basis is there for church associations? Can Baptists partner together on mission while still holding to local church autonomy? Dr. James Renihan, theologian and president of International Reformed Baptist Seminary, answers.

After a ministry of church planting in central Massachusetts, Dr. James Renihan and his family moved to Escondido, CA in 1998 to begin serving as Dean of the newly formed Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies. He led that work for 20 years, and when it became IRBS Theological Seminary in 2018 was appointed the first president. He has served as a pastor of churches in Massachusetts, New York and California. He is a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Ph.D.), Seminary of the East (M.Div.), Trinity Ministerial Academy, and Liberty Baptist College (B.S.). His academic work has focused on the Second London Baptist Confession and the broader Puritan theological context from which it arose.

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