Paul Planted, Apollos Watered, but God: Chris Sadowitz on Weakness in Missions

In this insightful episode of the Missions Podcast, we explore a critical question at the heart of Christian ministry: What does it mean to be vulnerable in ministry, and how does it affect our approach to the mission field? We delve into the biblical principle that while Paul planted and Apollos watered, it was God who gave the growth, emphasizing the significance of vulnerability and interdependence in the spread of the gospel. Through a discussion on the application of these concepts across different cultures, the importance of humility in our communication, and the role of the fear of the Lord in shaping our vulnerability, this episode challenges our assumptions about leadership in missions.

Joining us is Chris Sadowitz, a missionary pastor serving in Japan with ABWE, adjunct professor at the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and co-editor of Paul Planted, Apollos Watered, but God: Vulnerable Weakness in Ministry & Mission.

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