Peter Greer: Helping Without Hurting, Avoiding Mission Drift, and Supporting Enterprise

Sometimes in missions, helping can hurt. But have we taken that simple fact too far—as an excuse for inaction? Peter Greer, president of HOPE International, explains how missionaries can responsibly approach the problem of poverty and how churches and ministries can avoid mission drift.

Peter Greer is the president and CEO of HOPE International, a global Christ-centered economic development organization serving throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. As an advocate for the Church’s role in missions and alleviating extreme poverty, Peter has co-authored over 10 books, including Mission Drift (selected as a 2015 Book Award Winner from Christianity Today), Rooting for Rivals (selected as a 2019 Leadership Resource of the Year in Outreach magazine), The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (selected as one of the top 40 books on poverty by WORLD Magazine), Created to Flourish (which his mom reviewed with five stars and a smiley face emoji), and The Gift of Disillusionment.

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