Roman Catholicism, Spain, and Liturgy: Andy Messmer Speaks

How we worship matters. How we worship really matters in missions. In Roman Catholic-dominated Spain, ABWE Missionary Andy Messmer argues that returning to a traditional style can be life-changing. How? Scott and Alex explore with him in this episode.

Andy and Lindsey Messmer are serving in Madrid, Spain with their children Sofia, Lucas, Zoe, and Eva. They focus on church planting and theological education.

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3 thoughts on “Roman Catholicism, Spain, and Liturgy: Andy Messmer Speaks

  1. Some good practical thoughts about ministry in Europe, which hasn’t been easy. I gather that we should start with the common beliefs of Catholics, then disciple through the Sola Scrittura – The Cross of Christ alone brings forgiveness, freedom from sin, the New Birth, Sons of God, Dead to Sin (Romans), Fruit of the Spirit, meeting…(i have ministered in Italy)

  2. I live in Ecuador which is also a Catholic country just like Spain. When I say “Dios te bendiga” (God bless you) Christians will say, “Amen!” Catholics don’t know what to say. It’s a good way to open a conversation. Everyone needs Christ, and the covid pandemic makes this evident.

  3. We live in Loja,Ecuador. I think this article shows a clear path to more effective evangelism here.

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