Special Episode: Scott’s Transition and Church Planting in Silicon Valley

In this special episode, we take a break from the normal flow as Scott Dunford shares an important update on his life and ministry.

We’re also joined by Bob Bixby, lead pastor of Redeemer Church in Fremont, California, to talk about why the San Francisco Bay Area is truly a mission field—and how listeners can prayerfully engage what God is doing there in and amongst the unchurched and unreached expat communities.

Bob grew up in the Central African Republic and France and brings to us twenty-two years of pastoral experience in multicultural settings. After studying in France, Bob returned to his birth country to study for the ministry. It was there that he met his life-long companion and together they returned to Europe where Bob served as a pastor for ten years. In 2002, Bob became the founding pastor of a church plant that grew to become a thriving ministry. After twelve years of hard work and loving relationships, that church, Morning Star Church, sent Bob with their blessing to start a church in Fremont.

You can support Redeemer’s vital ministry to the Bay Area by giving on their website. You can also email sdunford@abwe.org to connect.

Don’t forget our sponsor, the Global Gospel Fund. We believe missionaries should be free to do the ministry they’re called to—not to waste precious ministry hours handling logistics. The Global Gospel Fund provides 1,000 missionaries across 70 countries with counsel, support, and a team of experts who know them by name. If you’re burdened for missions this giving season but don’t know where to start, we invite you to become a partner.

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One thought on “Special Episode: Scott’s Transition and Church Planting in Silicon Valley

  1. Came across this pod-cast by Divine accident. Had no idea Bob, the Cultural setting in which you are working. Excited for your new team member. Praying.

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