The Cross in Context? Exploring Atonement and Contextualization with Brad Vaughn

Engage in a thought-provoking continuation of The Missions Podcast as we delve into the ideas presented by Brad Vaughn in his book The Cross in Context. Join hosts Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford as they explore various perspectives on the relationship between Christianity and Western culture, the diverse metaphors of sin and Christ’s atonement, and the significance of honor, shame, holiness, and purity in relation to the cross. Through engaging dialogue, we critically examine these viewpoints, challenging and offering alternative insights. Gain a deeper understanding of contextualization’s impact on theology and the importance of cross-cultural understanding of atonement. Tune in as we respectfully navigate these discussions.

Brad Vaughn (f.k.a. Jackson Wu) worked for 15 years in East Asia, first as a church planter, then as a professor for a seminary for Chinese pastors. He serves on the Asian/Asian-American Theology Steering Committee for the Evangelical Theological Society. His books include The Cross in ContextSeeking God’s FaceReading Romans with Eastern EyesOne Gospel for All Nations, and Saving God’s Face.

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