The Land Down Under: Evangelism Challenges in Australia with Russ Matthews

How do we evangelize and disciple modern people in a first-world country like Australia? In this episode, Alex and Scott sit down with ABWE missionary, Russ Matthews, who not only ministers in Australia as a missionary but also uses various platforms of film criticism, creating safe spaces for open dialog, and biblical training. Together they explore how Australia’s culture, history, and demographics effect the evangelistic methods and how we can use the things and products of this world to reach others with the gospel.

Russ Matthews is an ABWE missionary who has been serving in Australia since 2006. Russ serves alongside the City Bible Forum / Third Space team to grow the opportunities of evangelism in the workplace and broader community. He writes interactive film reviews for Reel Dialogue and develops events/resources for evangelistic outreach. Russ is the author of the book: The Word Becomes Film: A Modern Day Parable That Introduces a Radically Easy Way of Talking About God’s Story, and My Maker’s Quest: A Cyrus River Adventure. He oversees the ministries of God in 60 Seconds, The Edge and various other projects.

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