The Persecuted Church in Nigeria With Judd Saul

In this episode, we delve into the harrowing reality of Christian persecution in Nigeria. Our guest, Judd Saul, brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the recent Christmas attacks in Plateau State, where scores of Christians were brutally massacred. As we unpack the details of these attacks, we explore the complex web of religious, political, and social factors that contribute to the ongoing strife in this region.

Our conversation extends beyond the surface, examining the underlying causes of these attacks, particularly the role of radicalized groups and the response of the Nigerian government. Judd’s firsthand experience offers a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Nigerian Christians and the resilience they exhibit in the face of adversity.

Judd Saul, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, family man, entrepreneur, and dedicated missionary, has been profoundly involved in Nigeria since a transformative mission trip in 2011 with his grandfather, Duane Wessels. Married to Sherry and a father to five children, Judd has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by Nigerian Christians. He has committed over a decade to ministering in Nigeria, visiting 3-4 times annually. Recognizing the escalating attacks on Christians and the limited response from existing missions, Judd founded Equipping the Persecuted, a proactive organization supported by a team of experienced pastors, missionaries, and supporters. This organization focuses on both prevention and aftercare for persecuted Christians, establishing a local, effective response to the crisis in Nigeria.

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