Virtuous Persuasion: Redefining Missions With Michael Niebauer

In this insightful episode, Michael Niebauer, pastor and director of Heritage Mission, delves into the heart of Christian missions. He eloquently discusses the essential elements of virtuous practice, proclamation, and gathering in missions, redefining skilled missionary work as following Christ rather than just mastering techniques. Niebauer also critically evaluates three popular models of missions, offering profound insights into their effectiveness and alignment with biblical principles.

Michael Niebauer is the author of Virtuous Persuasion: A Theology of Mission, a Christianity Today Book Award finalist and Outreach Magazineā€™s 2022 Missional Resource of the Year. Michael holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from Duquesne University, specializing in Christian Ethics and Missiology. He contributes regularly to Christian journals and hosts the Christian catechesis podcastĀ 

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