What About Orality? Jonathan Worthington Answers

As Christians, we hold the Bible in the highest esteem. But what happens when the people we are trying to reach have a primarily oral culture—how do we ensure that the message of Scripture is accurately transmitted and understood in cultures where literacy is not the norm? In this podcast interview with Jonathan Worthington, Ph.D., Director of Research at Training Leaders International, we explore the fascinating topic of orality in missions. We discuss the challenges and opportunities of engaging with oral learners, the role of stories and proverbs in communicating the gospel, and how to strike a balance between contextualization and biblical truth. Whether you’re a seasoned missionary or simply interested in the intersection of orality and Scripture, this conversation is not to be missed.

Read Jonathan’s article on orality, “Orality’s Breadth and Depth,” in TLI’s theological journal.

Jonathan D. Worthington (Ph.D., Durham University) is Director of Research at Training Leaders International. He is the author of Creation in Paul and Philo and articles on creation in Paul and early Judaism, cross-cultural theological education, motivation theory, missions, and empathy. You can reach him at jonathan.worthington@trainingleadersinternational.org.

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