When Doors Close: Carol Ghattas on Changing Course in Missions

Sometimes doors close in missions. Visas are revoked, governments change policy, or unrest breaks out and endangers expats. How should missionaries respond to these changes? This week we talk to Carol Ghattas about her latest book When Doors Close: Changing Course in Missions Without Losing Your Way.

With over thirty years in missions, Carol Ghattas writes and speaks from experience. Ghattas worked among Laotians, West Africans, and Arabs, and she co-authored with her late husband Raouf, A Christian Guide to the Qur’an: Building Bridges in Muslim Evangelism. She has written three novels under the pen name Um Daoud and A Life Surrendered: Raouf W. Ghattas, a book about her husband’s life and work. Ghattas has contributed to numerous works on missions and Islam, is a contract writer for Missions Mosaic magazine, and an active blogger.

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