When Helping Works: Michael Badriaki on Western Dependence in Uganda

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Many missions-minded Christians have read When Helping Hurts and resonated with its message—that sometimes in missionary work, we can do more harm than good in the name of Jesus. But in When Helping Works: Alleviating Fear and Pain in Global Missions, Michael Bamwesigye Badriaki offers a counter-perspective. Is creating “dependence” on foreign missionaries the worst possible outcome? And are we making excuses that allow us to ignore the needy?

Dr. Michael B. Badriaki has worked globally in education, holistic missions, global health, and consulting and leadership development for over 20 years. He is passionate about human flourishing, sharing hope and love with people. Michael is also committed to caring for people and children affected by war, poverty and certain hardships. Michael and Kristen co-founded the Global Leadership Community where together with a global team they seek to nurture leadership through quality education. Michael now serves as high school and middle school principal at Lancaster Mennonite in Lancaster, Pa.

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2 thoughts on “When Helping Works: Michael Badriaki on Western Dependence in Uganda

  1. This is one of the best episodes I have heard on this podcast. Badriaki’s question (paraphrased) ‘why is it called support when a western missionary receives financial help but called dependence when the non-westerner receives financial help’ is a clear pointer to the ethnocentrism that is so prevalent in conservative missiology.

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