Who Was John Nevius? Joshua Bowman on the Missionary to China and Three-Self Missiology

Who was John Nevius, and why does his legacy continue to influence missions today? In this captivating episode of The Missions Podcast, we delve into the life and groundbreaking work of John Nevius with the insights of Joshua Bowman, a seasoned missionary with extensive experience in Zambia and South Asia, and currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Missions and Theology at Cedarville University. Bowman sheds light on Neviusā€™ remarkable contributions and critiques of missionary strategies in China over a century ago. Together, we discuss Neviusā€™ three-self approach advocating for self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating churches and its vital relevance to contemporary missions. Join us for an engaging conversation that not only honors a pioneering figure in missions history but also explores the lasting impact of his methods on the spread of the gospel today.

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