You Are Sent: A Conversation With Nathan Sloan

What is the crux of missions? What does Scripture have to say about the plight of the lost, and are churches doing enough about it? This week, Nathan Sloan, executive director of Upstream Sending and previous ABWE missionary, answers with insights from his latest book, You Are Sent: Finding Your Place in God’s Global Mission.

Before his current role, Nathan led global missions at Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky and served as one of their teaching pastors. Under his leadership, Sojourn sent numerous members out as mid and long-term missionaries, including six church-based teams. Nathan and his wife Sarah were also cross-cultural missionaries in Kathmandu, Nepal, discipling young leaders and working with an unreached people group. Nathan holds a doctorate of missiology (D.Miss.) from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Nathan and Sarah have two children.

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