You Are Sent: A Conversation With Nathan Sloan

What is the crux of missions? What does Scripture have to say about the plight of the lost, and are churches doing enough about it? This week, Nathan Sloan, executive director of Upstream Sending and previous ABWE missionary, answers with insights from his latest book, You Are Sent: Finding Your Place in God’s Global Mission.Continue reading “You Are Sent: A Conversation With Nathan Sloan”

T4G22: Why Upstream Sending? Nathan Sloan Shares

Sending missionaries is the local church’s job—so why start a new parachurch missions sending organization? Nathan Sloan, pastor and executive director of the Upstream Sending explains in this exclusive interview recorded at the final Together for the Gospel conference. Nathan has a Doctor of Missiology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Previously, Nathan and hisContinue reading “T4G22: Why Upstream Sending? Nathan Sloan Shares”

Nathan Sloan on the Sacrifice of Sending

Every church wants to send. So why aren’t we? Could it be that we aren’t willing to pay the price—or worse, that local churches are relying on parachurch organizations to do what only the body of Christ can? This week, Pastor Nathan Sloan of Sojourn Church weighs in with some loving rebukes and encouraging insightsContinue reading “Nathan Sloan on the Sacrifice of Sending”

Why Do We Even Need Missions?

Coming up this Sunday: Upstream Sending Executive Director Nathan Sloan shares what makes missions necessary and why churches can’t afford to lose their zeal for the lost. Believe in our mission? Support this podcast. The Missions Podcast is a ministry resource of ABWE. Learn more at Want to ask a question or suggest a topic? Email